Executive Board of Signature Productions

Signature Productions Board of Directors

DeAnna Anderson
Victor J. Austin
Debbie Earl

Gary Prince
Stan Judd
Ryan Thornton

Debora Boyd
Mary Beth Zentner
Doug Baker

Ariel Johnson
Jenn Haley
Leslie Fotheringham

Our History

Signature Productions began as the brain child of Dr. Karl M. Larsen a local Optometrist, and attorney Victor J. Austin. They saw a real need for quality family entertainment in the Las Vegas Valley, so they formed Signature Productions in 1989 as a nonprofit community theater company. Originally, the company moved into a 3500 sq. ft. storefront unit at the corner of Charleston and Decatur where they built a small 200 seat theatre. The company remained there for almost 3 years and produced shows 3 days a week, involving many youth and adults. Some of those productions were Saturday’s Warrior, Star Child (which ran for an unprecedented 5 months), The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, My Turn On Earth, Love Rides the Rails and Harvey.

After the building that housed that theatre was torn down, the company moved to several other locations including some local high school theatres. Currently, we are housed in the Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center, where we rent the space for each production.

The Board of Signature Productions is made up of 15 talented and dedicated people from Las Vegas consisting of an Optometrist, several Attorneys, a General Contractor, multiple small business owners, a photographer, music and dance instructors, office professionals and homemakers.

It is our goal to provide a venue for young performers, designers and technicians to grow and develop their natural abilities while veteran performers, designers and technicians teach and inspire! We launch 2-3 major productions per year, usually musicals, which require approximately 4 months per production. Our auditions have drawn as many as 350 aspiring artists to audition. Our reputation for quality productions is unsurpassed and we often receive glowing reviews in local newspapers.

We would like to thank everyone who has shared their talents and time with us over the years, and have helped make Signature Productions become what it is today. We could not have done it without you. We look forward to making new friends and bringing new talent into the Signature family.