Directed by Deanna Anderson
James Claflin as King Arthur
Lila Harper as Queen Guinevere
Tony Cobb as Lancelot
Dennis Wright as Mordred
Stephen Rinck as Merlyn / Sir Dap / Sir Guillam
Joseph Tatner as King Pellinore
Ryan Thornton as Sir Dinadan
Leigh Cunningham as Morgan Le Fey
Dawn Merritt as Lady Catherine
Mary Beth Zentner as Lady Anne
Elaine Fitzpatrick as Nimue
John C. Hughes as Sir Lionel
Lance Earl as Sir Sagramore
Weston Wright as Tom of Warwick / Horrid
Patrick Cristobal as Sir Clarius
Lackson Langford as Sir Colgrevence
Robert Langford as Sir Castor
Jacob Noble as Sir Bliant

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